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Welcome to the KMHBC!



KY Mini Breeders Cup (with $500 youth halter class!)

July 3-4, 2021
WKU Ag Center
Indoor Air conditioned arena
Bowling Green, Ky

4 judges, triple pointed KMHB

Co sponsored with the KMHB and Bluegrass Miniature Horse Club


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Our members have won over $551,000 in Ky Incentive Awards!

The Kentucky Miniature Horse Breeders Club (KMHBC) is the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission affiliate and represents the Miniature Horse Breeders in the Kentucky Breeders' Incentive Fund (KBIF).

The purpose of the KMHBC is to promote the miniature horse, to educate owners, members and other interested parties; and to unite all miniature horse owners to apply for the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Fund.

If you are a miniature horse breeder there are many benefits in participating in the KMHBC and the KBIF.

Please browse this site to learn more about the KMHBC and the KBIF.

To obtain more information, feel free to contact any KMHBC officer or director:


 KMHBC YOUTH win $2000 for 2020!

The KMHBC has added $500 to the Youth Incentive for 2021 for a total of $2500.

  • KMHBC youth incentive award checks 

  • See the link at the left to see a list of all the winners and how much they won. If you would like to participate in this program and win award money Click the Youth Incentive Fund Rules link and submit the Youth Nomination Form that is on the Forms page. The current youth nominees are listed on the Youth nominees link. Good luck showing for 2021!

The KMHBC will again be sponsoring a $500.00 Youth Halter class at the Ky Mini Breeders Cup in Bowling Green, KY July 3-4, 2021 and the Kentucky State Fair (August 2021 in Louisville) . See the link on the left for the rules for this halter class.


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